Why We Want To Help Turn The Tide

Why We Want To Help Turn The Tide
27/04/2020 Sea Change Wine

We are committed to helping keep the oceans clean and stopping the endless flow of plastic pollution that threatens the whole marine eco-system.

Bill, Toby, Simon and Ian came up with the idea for Sea Change after discussing the issue of single-use plastic with a Canadian customer at a global wine fair.  What started as a casual discussion about the rubbish being washed up on the shores of British Columbia became the start of a new brand. Simon also felt a particular affinity for the coast, having spent several years living in Queensland, Australia and seeing the problem for himself.

As Toby says: “It was a topic that wasn’t really headline news or even known much about when we started.  We were aware of it and as soon as we began looking into the subject further, we saw how bad it really was.  And then it dawned on us that hundreds of millions of plastic capsules were used every year – non-recyclable, non-biodegradable – and worst of all non-necessary!  So, we wanted to make a change and we hope that in time the rest of the wine trade will follow.”

The hope is to use Sea Change as a rallying cry for an issue we feel strongly about, to galvanise even more support for it.

As Ian says: “The industry is big enough to take its share of responsibility over the plastic pollution problem. Just because wine is not traditionally sold in single-use plastic bottles, it still uses plastic in closures and packaging and it’s time we all stopped and thought about the harm this can do long term.”

With the removal of the unnecessary plastic packaging combined with the donation to marine charities on every bottle sold, we believe Sea Change delivers a tangible environmental benefit. To sustain our environment for future generations we all need to look at our current consumption choices and with Sea Change we want to give people the opportunity to choose a wine that helps to protect our environment.

Above all though, we hope that everyone who sips on a glass of Sea Change will love it and share it and spread the message further.  The more people who help means the tide can be turned more quickly.