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Save $20 per bottle on any mixed case of 6 wines or more

Special Packs

Try our special packs: a trio of wines at a special price.

  • $20 off mix 6


    Our multi-award winning Sea Change Prosecco is wonderfully refreshing and crisp. Learn more [table type="standard_minimal"] [trow] [tcol]🇮🇹 Italy[/tcol] [tcol]🍇 Glera[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🌿 Vegetarian[/tcol] [tcol]🌱 Vegan[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🍷 11%[/tcol] [/trow] [/table]
    $138Mix 6
    $158Per Bottle available on subscription
  • $20 off mix 6

    Sauvignon Blanc

    This crisp and elegant Sauvignon Blanc is both zesty and refreshing. Learn more [table type="standard_minimal"] [trow] [tcol]🇫🇷 France, Languedoc-Roussillon[/tcol] [tcol]🍇 Sauvignon Blanc[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🌿 Vegetarian[/tcol] [tcol]🌱 Vegan[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🍷 12%[/tcol] [tcol]📅 2020[/tcol] [/trow] [/table]
    $118Mix 6
    $138Per Bottle available on subscription
  • $20 off mix 6


    Sea Change Merlot is juicy and wonderfully balanced. Learn more [table type="standard_minimal"] [trow] [tcol]🇫🇷 France, Languedoc-Roussillon[/tcol] [tcol]🍇 Merlot[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🌿 Vegetarian[/tcol] [tcol]🌱 Vegan[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🍷 13.5%[/tcol] [tcol]📅 2019[/tcol] [/trow] [/table]
    $118Mix 6
    $138Per Bottle available on subscription
  • $20 off mix 6


    Indulgent black fruit and spice intertwined with elegant notes of violets our Sea Change Malbec is a wonderful representation of this enigmatic grape variety. Learn more [table type="standard_minimal"] [trow] [tcol]🇫🇷 France, Languedoc-Roussillon[/tcol] [tcol]🍇 Malbec[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🌿 Vegetarian[/tcol] [tcol]🌱 Vegan[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🍷 13.5%[/tcol] [tcol]📅 2020[/tcol] [/trow] [/table]
    $118Mix 6
    $138Per Bottle available on subscription
  • $20 off mix 6


    Summer in a glass, full of sunshine and red fruit. Learn more [table type="standard_minimal"] [trow] [tcol]🇫🇷 France, Languedoc-Roussillon[/tcol] [tcol]🍇 Syrah[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🌿 Vegetarian[/tcol] [tcol]🌱 Vegan[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🍷 12.5%[/tcol] [tcol]📅 2020[/tcol] [/trow] [/table]
    $118Mix 6
    $138Per Bottle available on subscription
  • Montepulciano D’Abruzzo

    Bright red fruit and fresh summer berries are complimented perfectly with soft, velvety tannins making our Sea Change Montepulciano D’Abruzzo a real delight. Managing to be both easy drinking and full of flavour is normally a difficult thing to achieve, but our Montepulciano D’Abruzzo has no such issue! Great as a Summer red or Winter warmer, Sea Change Montepulciano can be enjoyed all year round. Learn more [table type="standard_minimal"] [trow] [tcol]🇮🇹 Italy, Veneto[/tcol] [tcol]🍇 Montepulciano[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🌿 Vegetarian[/tcol] [tcol]🌱 Vegan[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]🍷 12%[/tcol] [tcol]📅 2021[/tcol] [/trow] [/table]
    $118Mix 6
    $138Per Bottle available on subscription
  • Signature Sea Change Pack

    Something for everyone! The perfect selection to cater for all tastes: our refreshing, elegant Prosecco to raise a glass with; a bottle of our sublime Sauvignon for those who love fresh whites and our rich, smooth Malbec, the perfect companion for a cosy night in! Wines: 1 x Prosecco (🌿 Vegetarian,🌱 Vegan) 1 x Sauvignon Blanc (🌿 Vegetarian,🌱 Vegan) 1 x Malbec (🌿 Vegetarian,🌱 Vegan)
  • Prosecco Pack

    It’s time to party! Be ready for any celebration with this special pack of our award-winning Prosecco.

    Wines: 3 x Prosecco (🌿 Vegetarian, 🌱Vegan)

  • French Pack

    A fantastic way to try our fresh and vibrant regional French range: a Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and rosé, sustainably made by the fabulous team at Château Canet.

    Wines: 1 x Sauvignon Blanc (🌿 Vegetarian,🌱 Vegan)

    1 x Merlot (🌿 Vegetarian,🌱 Vegan)

    1 x Whale Rosé (🌿 Vegetarian,🌱 Vegan)